Top 3 Flood Insurance Myths And Untruths Dispelled

Like every other policy, getting flood insurance for your home is a worthy investment. Unfortunately, there have been some mistruths and myths around this type of policy. Here is a highlight of these myths and an effective dispelling of the same by outlining the facts.

1. Homeowner's Insurance Will Cover Floods

Your home insurance coverage may cover you for damages due to flooding caused by a broken pipe. It may even cover you if a tree were to fall on and damage your roof, causing leaks. However, it will not cover you for damage from natural flooding. 

If you are unsure about what your policy covers, be sure to check with your agent. Because a standard homeowner's policy doesn't usually cover floods, you cannot afford not to get a separate flood insurance policy.

2. Only Properties in a Flood Plain/Zone Require Flood Insurance

Flood plains and zones are always changing all the time. These changes may lead to your property ending up in a flood zone. Make a point of checking whether your property is still not within a flood plain every few years. If it is outside a flood zone, you can look forward to paying lower premiums on your flood insurance policy.

Again, heavy rainfall or being hit by a natural disaster can cause flooding even in areas not within a flood zone. As such, you want to be prepared for any eventuality.

3. Your Flood Insurance Policy Will Cover Everything

Whether or not your flood insurance policy will cover everything will depend on the particulars of your policy. This means the coverage you own and the policy limits on your coverage. You can get this information and more from your insurance agent. Be sure you understand these facts before signing up for a policy.

Final Thoughts

All water damage isn't the same, which is why you may not find yourself covered under your homeowner's insurance. Again, bad weather and an unexpected natural disaster may hit your home at any time, leaving you to deal with the aftermath of flooding. Ensure you are well covered by getting flood insurance.

This way, you don't have to worry too much about the financial burden that comes with dealing with the floods. That being said, just as with any other policy, keep in mind that the amount of coverage you own and the limits of your policy will determine how much your flood insurance policy will cover. Speak with a professional who provides home insurance for more information.