3 Reasons Pay Per Mile Policies Are Superior To Traditional Motorcycle Insurance Policies

For many motorcyclists being out on the road is about more than simply getting from point A to point B; it is a lifestyle. As such, it is vital that these individuals have a motorcycle insurance policy that truly allows them to do what they love while still providing them with the quality protection they need. In many cases, pay-per-mile policies prove to be the best option. Continue reading to learn more about why this type of insurance policy is often the superior option when compared to traditional motorcycle insurance policies.

Enjoy Flexibility

Pay per mile motorcycle insurance policies allow you to be in control of your policy at all times whether you choose to ride every single day or only on occasion. The flexibility that comes with these policies ensures that you get to enjoy the riding experience that you want instead of being constricted by the terms of a traditional policy. 

Enjoy Custom Rates

Traditional motorcycle policies require you to pay the exact same rate every single month regardless of how often or how far you ride your motorcycle. This type of policy can cause you to pay for coverage that you do not truly need if you are choosing not to ride on a regular basis or if most of your trips are rather short in nature. A pay-per-mile motorcycle policy allows you to enjoy custom rates each month that reflect how much time you actually spend on the road. Best of all, these policies make saving money incredibly easy since all you need to do in order to enjoy these savings is to submit a picture of your mileage each month. Getting custom rates and quality coverage doesn't get any easier than that.

Enjoy Full Policy Coverage At All Times

In order to accommodate seasonal riders, most traditional policies will offer what is known as a lay-up. Essentially what this means is that you have a minimal amount of coverage so that you are able to maintain the registration on your motorcycle. The problem is, these policies will not provide a high enough level of coverage for you to legally be on the road during your lay-up policy. This means that if you have an unseasonably warm day during the winter season, you will not have the option of taking your bike out for a ride. With a pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance policy, you will enjoy full policy coverage at all times so that you are able to ride at your discretion.