3 Reasons You Should Purchase Renter's Insurance

If you are renting an apartment or house, you should be carrying renter's insurance. Renter's insurance is designed to provide you with protection and give you many different benefits.

1. Offers Liability Protection

First, with renter's insurance, you will get liability protection. Everyone should have liability protection. You never know when something could happen that could put you at risk of being named in a personal injury lawsuit. For example, if your dog bites someone and you are sued without personal liability insurance, your assets are at risk. But if someone falls and hits their head at your home and suffers a concussion, with liability insurance, you can protect yourself if they sue you.

Liability protection is necessary as it helps cover medical costs if someone is hurt at your home and will cover the litigation expense as well.

2. Provides Temporary Housing

Second, with renter's insurance, if something happens that makes your apartment uninhabitable for some time, such as an infestation of bed bugs or a fire, your renter's insurance will cover additional living expenses. In addition, your insurance will pay for you to be housed in a hotel or temporary rental property while your rental property is getting fixed up. Again, this can be an invaluable type of protection to have.

3. Protects Your Possessions

Third, your personal property is not covered under your landlord's insurance policy. Your landlord's policy only covers the physical building they own; it doesn't cover the things you store inside. Therefore, none of your personal property, such as your laptop, clothing, or furniture, is covered under your landlord's policy.

When you get renter's insurance, your personal property is protected. If any of your personal property is destroyed because the home floods or your house gets robbed, or the place catches on fire, you will be protected.

Not only that but your belongings will also be covered even if they are not located in your home. So, if your laptop is stolen out of your car, it will be covered. Or, if your laptop is stolen when you are on vacation, it will be covered.

If you are renting an apartment or house, you should carry renter's insurance. Renter's insurance will provide you with liability protection, temporary housing if your dwelling can't be inhabited, and protection for your personal property. Renter's insurance is not that expensive and can provide you with a wide range of protection.

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