Information an Agent Needs to Give You a Home Insurance Quote

Are you paying more than you think you should be for your homeowner's insurance? If so, you can ask for a quote from another company if you want to compare the rates. If you decide to get an insurance quote for your home from another company, you should gather the right information before speaking with the agent. Here is the information the agent will ask for during this conversation.

Personal Information

The first thing the agent might ask for is your personal information. If you are married, they will also ask for your spouse's information. You will need your names, address, social security numbers, and driver's license numbers. You might also need to supply the agent with your ages, occupations, and other basic details.

Location of Home

The next thing the agent will need is your property address. They must know where the home is before providing you with a quote for coverage. Your address serves as proof of the home's location, so you will not have to gather any details to provide this information.

Previous Claims

Next, the agent will ask you if you have any previous claims. They will probably need to know every claim you have had within the last five years. If you have no claims, you will probably pay lower rates. If you have a homeowner's insurance claim on your record from the past five years, it can cause an increase in your insurance costs.

Home Details

The agent will also ask you a series of questions relating to your home. They will want to know how big it is and the year it was built. They might ask you if it has a fireplace and the types of energy the home uses for heating and cooling. They will ask you for the age of the home's roof and many other questions.

Amount of Coverage

Finally, they will need to know the amount of coverage you would like for your house. They will also ask if you want any additional types of coverages for the home. You can add various coverages to your house to have more protection, and the agent can even explain your options if you have questions.

Getting an insurance quote is not difficult or time-consuming, but it requires having all the right information and details. Once you gather the details you need, contact an insurance company to get a quote for coverage.