5 Important Things to Know About Auto Insurance as a Young Driver

As a young driver, once you get your license, if you own a vehicle, you are going to need to obtain auto insurance. To enjoy the privilege of driving, you need to understand the following aspects of car insurance.

#1: Always Care at Least the State Minimum

You need to make sure that you carry at least the state minimum required insurance. Almost every state has minimum insurance requirements you need to follow as a vehicle owner. It is important to note that the minimum insurance requirements are all about providing liability insurance in most states, so you can pay to fix someone's vehicle and take care of their medical bills if you get into an accident.

#2: Protect Your Vehicle

If you can't pay to replace your vehicle should it get damaged, you will want to make sure you are carrying insurance that covers vehicle repairs should you get into an accident or should the vehicle get damaged another way. You are going to need to carry comprehensive and collision insurance to fully protect your vehicle. If you are carrying a car loan, you may be required to carry this type of insurance.

#3: Be Prepared for High Costs

When you talk to older adults, they may tell you about their insurance costs, and they may be lower than what you pay. Many factors go into figuring out what your premium is. Age is one of those important factors. You are going to experience higher rates until you are in your mid-twenties. However, there are things you can do to keep your costs down, such as maintain a good driving record, take a formal driver training course, and keep your grades up.

#4: Drive a Modest Car

The car that you drive will impact your insurance rates. If you don't want to pay high rates, consider driving a modest commuter car. Stay away from sports cars and brand-new vehicles until you are in your later 20s, where you will be able to enjoy more affordable insurance premium rates.

#5: Get Roadside Assistance

Finally, if you don't already belong to a roadside assistance program, sign-up for one with your insurance provider. You can use a roadside assistance program, for free, when you need help changing a flat tire or getting into your vehicle after you lock your keys inside.

As a young driver, you need to make sure you always carry car insurance and don't have any lapse in coverage. If you want to protect your vehicle, be sure to add comprehensive and collision coverage to your policy. Be prepared to pay higher premiums as a young driver and drive a modest car to bring your insurance costs down. Roadside assistance is a benefit worth paying for and can help you when you are stuck in a jam.