Reasons Car Insurance For Teens Is A Lot More Expensive

If you are getting ready to add your teenager to your auto insurance policy, you might be surprised when the agent tells you how much this will cost. Teen drivers can be expensive to add to auto insurance policies, and there are reasons for this. Here are some of the main reasons it costs more to insure a teen driver than drivers that are older.

Teens are considered inexperienced drivers

The first reason teens pay more for their insurance is due to the lack of experience they have. With anything in life, people are typically better at things when they have more experience with them and driving falls under this rule too. A person who has been driving for 10 years has a lot more experience than a person who just began driving yesterday. Experience behind the wheel helps people become better, safer drivers, and safer drivers are less likely to file claims for accidents. Your teen will eventually gain experience behind the wheel and will qualify for lower rates, but this typically takes many years of good driving habits.

Teens statistically file more claims

Secondly, you should understand that the statistics behind teens and accidents are not beneficial for teenagers. Teens are known for filing more claims than people in other categories, and teens are also known for getting more tickets and driving violations. Teens file more claims and get into more accidents partly because they are not experienced on the road, but this also occurs because teens are generally riskier drivers than people in all other categories.

Teens are generally riskier drivers

Teens are considered riskier drivers, and this is often because they are distracted more than other drivers. Teens are more likely to have the radios blaring in their cars, and they are more likely to text while they drive. Teens also have a higher chance of speeding and driving recklessly when compared to other groups of drivers. Riskier drivers tend to cause more accidents and get more tickets, and insurance companies make riskier drivers pay more for their insurance than safe drivers.

Insuring a teen can cost a lot of money, but there are ways you can reduce the costs. For example, you can save money if your teen completes driver's education. This is just one option for saving money, and you can talk to a car insurance agent to find out what the other options are.

Generally, car insurance for teens tends to be more expensive than it is for older drivers. Teens are young and inexperienced and still working their way up the ranks, so to speak. To learn more, contact a company like R L Jones Insurance Services Inc