Too Many Tickets? Getting Points Removed From Your License

Driver's license points are not things you want to accumulate -- in fact, the fewer points you have and the more time that passes (so points drop off your license), the better. However, if your driving is not the best and you've had a run of tickets, those point amounts could be growing quickly. Unless you take action and find alternatives that help reduce the number of points, you could lose your license.

Ask About Safe Driving Points

It's rare, but occasionally a state has safe driving points that accumulate for each year you go without a problem (Virginia has these, but if you don't live in Virginia, remember that state laws change each year, so you never know what your state will have up its sleeve). These can counter demerit points and help save your license and driving privileges. You might also be able to earn extra safe points through classes or other actions. Check with your state's motor vehicle department to see what possible avenues it has started or is considering starting to help you earn safe driving points.

Ask About Remedial Courses

You might also be able to take juvenile remedial courses, if you're underage. These are generally a day long or so, and cities usually have a few schools that offer varying schedules. If you have a certain number of violations or tickets within a specific timespan, you may be required to take the courses to keep your license. In other cases, you can take the courses to erase points or prevent points from appearing on your record.

Ask About Alternate Routes and Schedules

As you are getting your driving under control and attempting to improve it, you may want to look into routes or driving schedules that allow you to avoid a lot of traffic. Sometimes the confusion that results from stressful traffic jams can make your decisions during driving to be less than optimal. You may want to practice your safer driving techniques on roads that don't have as many cars rushing past you.

Try contacting a few driving schools about taking remedial classes to erase some of the points you've accumulated. You might be able to send in the record of your attendance, though each state has its own policies on that. Regardless of points, if you think your driving could use some additional help, these schools may be able to provide the assistance you need.