4 Ways To Snag A Lower Auto Insurance Quote

Shopping around for new car insurance can be so daunting, you may be tempted to just accept the first quote that comes your way. A smarter approach is to be on the lookout for potential discounts and ask your insurance agent which ones can lower your quote. Here are four ideas for getting a lower auto insurance quote than the one that's initially offered:

Improve Your Credit

One factor insurance companies take into account when coming up with your insurance quote is your credit score. A higher credit score implies a level of responsibility that makes you seem less risky to insurance companies. Dedicate some time to boosting your credit by chiseling away at debt, making all payments on time, and correcting any false items on your credit report. Once you see that score go up, contact your insurance agent to see if your rate can go down accordingly.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

A defensive driving course is an easy to lower your insurance while learning some new safe driving skills at the same time. Insurance companies know that learning how to drive more defensively and cautiously will lower your risk of being in an accident, which means they're willing to discount your premium as a result. Not all defensive driving classes will get you a discount with every insurance company, so double check with your agent before you register for a class.

Raise Your Deductible

Raising your deductible often has the most dramatic effect on your monthly premium. Just keep in mind that if you are in an accident, you will need to be able to pay your deductible out of your savings. You may want to set up a separate savings account just for your deductible, to avoid accidentally using the money for other things.

Consider Usage-Based Programs

More insurance companies are now offering usage-based programs, which track your driving via a small device you plug into your car. If you are a safe driver, don't go over the speed limit or brake suddenly, and only drive a modest amount of miles per week, this type of program may be a great fit for you. Usage-based programs vary by state and insurance company, so you may need to have your agent look into this for you.

By working with an experienced insurance agent and checking for the best deals, you can lower your car insurance payments and save money each month.