Business-Insurance Necessities for New Cafes

If you are starting a new cafe in your area, chances are that you've always dreamed of owning a restaurant in some form. Once you've got that dream off the ground, business insurance is one of the best ways that you can protect your new business long term. Here are some necessary items to consider when you're buying a business-insurance package.

Commercial Property Insurance

The first part of your business-insurance package will be your commercial insurance. This protects not only your cafe space but also all of the expensive machinery that you've purchased for your new cafe. If you have an administrative office offsite from your cafe (even if it's in your own home), this location can be added to your commercial property coverage to protect any business computers and other equipment that you're storing there.

General Liability Insurance

Owning a business that serves food and coffee comes with many inherent liability risks. Serving hot beverages opens up the risk that someone will get scalded. Serving food means that there is a risk of cross-contamination, which could means someone with a specific food allergy could get sick. And then there is a risk of general illness from poorly handled food. On top of that, there are fluke accidents that can happen any time you have guests within your building. Someone could slip and fall and then hire a personal-injury attorney to come after your business. These are some of the things that your general-liability insurance will protect you from.

Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance could be a necessity if you have your own set of vehicles to transport ingredients or products to and from your restaurant. Although you need greater auto coverage to protect a business than you would for a personal vehicle, you can also get deep discounts when you are insuring many commercial vehicles at a time.

Business-Interruption Insurance

A final type of insurance coverage that's not to be missed is business-interruption coverage. Newer restaurants may have some hiccups with health inspections and other issues that can affect the volume of your clientele or even temporarily cause you to close. Once you have a steady amount of revenue, consider getting business-interruption insurance to protect that revenue stream. In case something temporarily affects your business, your insurance can then replace your revenue stream. A business-insurance agent can help you plan out other additional coverage to add to your insurance package when your business starts to take off.

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