Facing A Failing Foundation? What Damage Will Your Homeowners' Insurance Cover?

If you've always assumed any cracking, water damage, or other structural damage your foundation may sustain over the years would be fully covered by your homeowners' insurance policy (minus deductible), you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when you attempt to make a claim. Unless you've carefully reviewed your insurance policy in detail recently, you may be assuming you have coverage that no longer exists. Indeed, one Senator recently pointed out the impact that excluding "

Tips To Save Money On Insurance And Encourage Safe Driving Habits in Your Teen

Purchasing auto insurance for your teenager can be a shocking experience for many parents, primarily because it can be expensive. Teens are inexperienced, high-risk drivers, and insurance companies protect themselves by charging higher rates for them. If your teen will be driving soon, here are several things to know about discounts you can get and ways to encourage him or her to be a safe driver. Discounts for teen drivers

3 Things To Know About Purchasing The Least Car Insurance Coverage Possible

The best way to pay the least amount of money for your car insurance is to purchase the minimum amount required by your state, and this is a great option if you have a really tight budget. Having at least the minimum car insurance coverage required in your state is legally required for all drivers, and you could face harsh consequences without it. If you are thinking about purchasing the minimum amount of car insurance, you may want to know the following three things.

Variables That Affect Buying Auto Insurance

Getting the very best auto insurance that you possibly can for the very best price that you can find can be difficult. There are a lot of different variables that are going to factor into your insurance rate. The first thing that you should do is find the type of policy that you want. Once you have the policy in mind, then you can start shopping around the different companies. You are going to find that there are a few variables that have a drastic impact on your auto insurance.

Too Many Tickets? Getting Points Removed From Your License

Driver's license points are not things you want to accumulate -- in fact, the fewer points you have and the more time that passes (so points drop off your license), the better. However, if your driving is not the best and you've had a run of tickets, those point amounts could be growing quickly. Unless you take action and find alternatives that help reduce the number of points, you could lose your license.