How To Lower Your Car Insurance Rate

Auto insurance services can be expensive.  Anyone who has gotten a ticket before or tried insure a brand new red hot-rod knows that.  But there are ways you can reduce your costs.  By doing some simple things that benefit you in more ways than one, you can bring the amount you pay in car insurance down exponentially.  If you are looking for ways to get the best car insurance deal, this article is perfect for you.  Try these foolproof ways to reduce the cost of car insurance: 

Make sure you have the right coverage

There are many coverage types available to drivers, several of which are mandatory in some states.  Here are some of the coverage types you should explore:

·        Bodily Injury Liability – This insurance covers the expenses related to the injury or death of another driver or a pedestrian when you cause an accident.

·        Property Damage Liability – This insurance covers the expenses related to the damage of another person's property when the accident is your fault.

·        Uninsured Motorist - This insurance covers medical expenses if you are in an accident and the other driver, who is at fault in this instance, doesn't have car insurance.  

Knowing what is needed in your state goes a long way to setting yourself up for success.  

Maintain a Good Credit Rating

Most people don't think of their credit rating in association with their car insurance, but the two are linked.  Creditors routinely use credit scores to determine the likelihood that the applicant will be able to pay their insurance bill in every state except California, Massachusetts, and Hawaii.

Combine Your Insurance

Getting married might mean lower rates for you for several reasons.  It has been proven that, for whatever reason, married people get into fewer car accidents – fewer accidents means a lower insurance rate.  Getting car insurance together works in the person with a less than stellar record's favor.  The spouse with the pristine record and good credit score works to even out the one with a ticket or two on file. 

Pay A Lump Sum

When you pay for your yearly car insurance in one shot, you often pay less than if you went with a monthly installment plan. This allows you to plan for the amount all year long, putting money away as you go, and save money at the same time.

Drive Responsibly

Maintaining a clean driving record is the absolute best way to keep your car insurance rate low.  Being careful, obeying speed limits and traffic signals, adhering to signs and patterns, and not engaging in distracted driving activities, such as texting, will keep your driving record in the green and reduce your insurance rate.


Do your best to maintain a good driving record and credit score for a long period of time.  Sometimes insurance agencies will lower the cost of your insurance over time if the driver can display reliable behavior. 

Getting cheaper car insurance is possible.  It just takes a little research and a lot of diligence.